Hubitat v SmartThings Questions


I’m thinking about jumping from the SmartThings ship. I have several questions.

  1. Are all the SmartThings sensors etc. compatible with the Hubitat hub?
  2. Does Hubitat have something that WC can control that acts like ST’s old SHM not the new version that WC can’t access without reprogramming a bunch?
  3. A. I’d like to hear other people’s assessments of why to either stay put or move to Hubitat. I’m on the fence and have been holding to see what was going to happen with WC/ST before moving but months on the new platform and not wanting to rework things till there was some sort of clarity on where things are going is draining.
  4. B. Other than local offline control of everything what other features over the new ST would I gain and what features do I lose moving to Hubitat?
  5. Does Hubitat integrate with Google Home like ST does?
  6. What questions did I not ask that I should have asked?


Is a place to start.

HE Forums has many discussions on this.

On answers:
1 - not necessarily. If you have recent zwave and ZigBee, mostly yes. If you have really old zwave you it may work but you are likely to want to upgrade over time as old zwave has has to be polled which has it owns issues.

2 - HE has HSM (Hubitat Safety Monitor), similar to but not identical to SHM. Webcore can access HSM

3 - read here and in HE forums…

4 - Local, and performance are HE. On stability, HE has gotten pretty good lately but had growing pains earlier. webCoRE runs really fast/efficient on HE. Some folks comparing it with rule machine on HE describe webcore as faster.

5 - need to read this on HE forums. There is integration, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to compare/contrast with ST. on HE these are user written apps.

6 - device compatibility is first. next is integrations you rely on.

I think as far as webcore you will find you are in very good shape.


Read up on the z-wave pairing threads just so you know what to expect.


Not sure you will end up actually jumping ships. There is a natural balance using both hubs and if you are a webCoRE user, you probably will have no problem technically finding it. Also, there are several tools that allow for cross platform notification and if you are a SharpTools user can access both in your dashboards.

Its worth it.


I just ordered HE. I plan to run both HE and ST.


I’m 100% switched over but still using the ST instance for testing with simulated devices. It’s faster in testing and when I mess up and end up in a loop I don’t crash my HE hub :smiley: or maybe make it crawl.