HVAC Smart Thermostat Options - replacing Carrier Comfort II?


Ok this started over in another thread and the conversation really didnt belong there

I currently have a Carrier Comfort Zone II thermostat that I am trying to find a way to replace with a smart thermostat - i would love to go EcoBee but hell I’ll take any suggestions - and EcoBee was not confident that my set up is compatible

Anyone have suggestions?

Thermostat Comfort Zone II (Two Zone programmable)

Unit Near Furnace*

Inside Cover

Pollen and Air Quality

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have the same thermostat and system with two zones and would like to go with a wifi smart thermostat. I bought the TC-WHS01 (Carrier Comfort Wifi Thermostat) but it has not come in yet. Looking at the wiring, I hope I didn’t just waste my money.

Let me know if you found anything out, I did find out for sure that the Nest (that I brought from my last home) won’t work at all with this type of zoned system.

Thanks in advanced.


Nope havent found anything - Were you able to get the WHS01 set up with the unit?

If the HVAC unit wasnt only 10y old I would rip and replace whatever I needed to … but I was told by “the boss” not to even think about it … and WAF is of primary import :slight_smile:

If that WHS01 works, then I may replace the current thermo with it and see if I can hack together a way to connect it up to Hubitat/ST


Did you guys find something?


@JohnHoke I have the same set up, wondering how you resolved the issue. I am looking at the honeywell HZ322 control board.


Hello, Im an HVAC technician. saw that you guys never received an answer so created an acct to answer you all. In order for you to change to a newer tstat you would have to replace the zoneboard with a honeywell zoneboard (compatible with almost any tstat) and then rewire each tstat as they could be smartwired where they only have 3 wires for all the signaling vs 5 wires for heat pump and 4 for straight cooling systems/furnaces. Hope this helps, cheers


Never got notifications on this but the tstat I bought didn’t work. Thanks for the updated info, might look into the honeywell board.