HVAC Smart Thermostat Options - replacing Carrier Comfort II?


Ok this started over in another thread and the conversation really didnt belong there

I currently have a Carrier Comfort Zone II thermostat that I am trying to find a way to replace with a smart thermostat - i would love to go EcoBee but hell I’ll take any suggestions - and EcoBee was not confident that my set up is compatible

Anyone have suggestions?

Thermostat Comfort Zone II (Two Zone programmable)

Unit Near Furnace*

Inside Cover

Pollen and Air Quality

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have the same thermostat and system with two zones and would like to go with a wifi smart thermostat. I bought the TC-WHS01 (Carrier Comfort Wifi Thermostat) but it has not come in yet. Looking at the wiring, I hope I didn’t just waste my money.

Let me know if you found anything out, I did find out for sure that the Nest (that I brought from my last home) won’t work at all with this type of zoned system.

Thanks in advanced.


Nope havent found anything - Were you able to get the WHS01 set up with the unit?

If the HVAC unit wasnt only 10y old I would rip and replace whatever I needed to … but I was told by “the boss” not to even think about it … and WAF is of primary import :slight_smile:

If that WHS01 works, then I may replace the current thermo with it and see if I can hack together a way to connect it up to Hubitat/ST


Did you guys find something?