If statement indicator showing whether it's for "any" or "all" devices


I’ve got a presence triggered piston shown below. The If for present is for any device in the list and the If for not present is for all of the devices in the list. That’s clearly the only way this would work, but it only displays the any/all if you click on the Ifs in the edit mode. It would be nice to have a circular tag, like those used in other coding options in WebCoRE, that would show this in the code preview.


I agree, it would be nice to have that visible from the editor screen… but in the meantime, why not just drop the variable, and put all 3 sensors directly into lines 30 & 36?


I did that basically so that I could just change the variable instead of the lines. (high-functioning laziness :slight_smile: ). (Two of the presences are only seasonally at home so I take them out when I don’t want them to affect away/home.)
Am I to understand that if I was using actual devices instead of a device list that it would show the any/all setting?


Yes. It only vanishes when using a variable with multiple devices attached.


Thanks. That makes it more valuable to use the actual devices as you suggested. (And the lazy part of me says, “I’ll have to change two whole lines of code?!” :slight_smile: )