Improving "Make a web request"



I have tried forking a creating an improved “Make a web request” action, but failing miserably :slight_smile: I did get my alternate version of webcore running, but the added vcmd was not found for some reason.

Anyway, to me the “Make a web request” is today next to useless. I have multiple things that I would like to do, that is simply impossible with today’s action. Essentially what I would like is for me to be able to

a) Define custom HTTP headers
b) Use PATCH
c) Send a custom body

Especially the custom HTTP headers is important for me personally. Today I actually call Azure Functions with webcore in order to do a few things (both requires custom http headers):

  • Start the heater in my volvo through the Volvo On Call API (and also lock the cars)
  • Add todo-list items in wunderlist when the washing machine and dryer is finished

Would be much better if webcore could do this directly. Anyone interested in helping me add these features? :slight_smile: I do code, but I am not a developer.

Need your feedback on a new key-value piston input type in webCoRE

Could you share how you do this? I would love to be able to do this with my S60 :slight_smile:


Yes, web requests are just about the highest thing on my list for when I have time to switch from fixing bugs to working on features. Please add a feature request for the PATCH and any other missing request methods, I don’t think I’ve seen a request for that yet. Improving arrays is also high up there but I think web requests will be less of a rabbit hole of misery :smiley:

Thanks for taking a stab at it!