[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your Android (beta)


Never got the webcore version to work for me. Moved on to this and never looked back --> https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-improved-mobile-presence-android-only/102492


Yes I had looked at this. Unfortunately we live in a place that does not have an abundance of free wi-fi to connect to depending on where we are, in order to recognize our locations.

Also, I could not tell if you actually had to connect to the wi-fi of another location or if it would accept wi-fi NEAR like Tasker does (I used to have a tasker profile that kept track of many “safe” locations using wi-fi Near to turn off my lock screen before the advent of fingerprints).

The beauty of the WC Presence sensor is that I can define all the locations in WC. And then just install the app on everyone’s phone and authenticate the browser.


That’s a pretty neat setup. The mobile presence does require you to be connected to trigger unfortunately.


Yes it worked really well. In most places I was connected to wi-fi but in some places like some work contracts, they did not supply wifi for personal phones…so the “near” worked great. And now I live in a place that has very little public wifi so we never connect at the grocery store or gym or a couple other places we frequent.

I did set up this method yesterday so for now at least I have reliable presence at home.

The search continues…or re-write my tasker stuff :smirk:


For what it’s worth, Tasker lets you export any Profile / Task / or Project.

This makes it easy to import any complex logic to another device, without re-writing the code for each family member.


Yup…just means I have to make a trip to the hairdresser to do the initial set up for my wife’s phone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: and not sure they have any wifi at all.

Going to play with geo-fences and Tasker first. But either way I would need to transfer it to other phones.

Google and phone manufacturers seem to want to know exactly where we are all day long, but not so happy it seems to let us have the same info about our own phones. This should not be so hard. Maybe go back to Android 5.


If they do not, hopefully the business next door has one.
For WiFi Near, that works well too…


Hi All,

My presence sensor stopped working - wife’s is still ok. I deleted the app and reinstalled but can’t get green sq to come up on first install. tried to clear cache as others have done but its iPhone and clearing the cache does not seem to be a function.

any help please