[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your iPhone (beta)


Just noticed that in TestFlight the webCoRE presence app is expiring in 30 days.

It works perfectly for me and would hate to see it get discontinued.


I’ve no doubt @ady624 will push out a new build on test flight before that happens…


Yeah I will. Will try to look into the motion sensor to provide more info, but I might push the app out of beta to get rid of the expiration time. I am still in Romania taking care of my mom but will get back to my usual schedule soon, meaning I will spend weekends on moving forward.


I believe that I solved my issue from above with the different locations defined on separate installs of webCoRE.

What I am noticing is that the presence app used to be pretty accurate. Since I reinstalled the app and redefined the presence sensors in ST, it is wildly inaccurate now.

i.e. I have to open the webCoRE app on my phone most of the times for the presence sensor to update ST.

I use these presence sensors (installed on 2 iPhones) for light and garage door on arrivals and departures so it is pretty important to me that they work properly.

Any ideas on why all of a sudden they are not being accurate?

I have the app in the phone settings (both devices) to use location, “always.”

I have also tried uninstalling the webCoRE app on both devices, removing the created presence sensors in ST. Then reinstalling and creating the new presence sensor in both my webCoRE instances (one for my house and one for my cabin).


Hi, sorry to jump into this thread, I was trying to get a PM sent to you for the Testflight invitation as per the instructions here - but I probably do not have the permissions! Any chance you @ady624 can PM me and then I will reply with my details.
Thanks a tonne for developing this!


Just spend 30 minutes browsing the forum, your trust level will increase and you can then send PM’s


One other aspect, i used to have a separate webCoRE instance of the presence before and it was much more accurate.

When I went to install the app on my gf’s phone, I deleted the independent instance of webCoRE from STs that was dedicated for presence. I then added the, “new,” presence in ST to my existing webCoRE instance that has all my home pistons running.

Any ideas?


Hello, nice to meet you, i’m Marco and i’m new to this forum. I would like to join the beta program for iOS but I cannot send you PM. Can you please help me ?

Uhhh really sorry. Just read I have to browse the forum for 30 minutes. Not a big issue because I read it all day :slight_smile:


How can you send a PM to get a testflight invitation.



Hey all, new member here. I’m having trouble understanding the purpose of this. Both my Android phone and my SO’s iPhone are set up as presence sensors and, while I’m still trying to figure out how to make webCoRE do stuff for me, it appears to already work. Why do I need this?


SmartThings has improved their backend code of their sensors based on changes Adrian has been making. But webcore presence has infinitely more possibilities


ST presence has been a problem for years. For some it works great and others it never works. If it is working perfectly for you then no need to use the webCoRE presence sensors unless you want to add more locations and have automations happen when you arrive or leave locations other then your home.

For example, when I leave work I have a piston that sends a text message to my wife letting her know that I have left work. With the ST presence sensor I would not be able to do that.


I see. Since I’m still very green, I don’t yet know if ST is working perfectly (or even ‘good enough’) for me but it doesn’t sound like something I need to urgently install and configure. Thanks!


One of the nice things webcore presence sensors do, that others don’t, at least I don’t think they do. Is that you can set up an addition 9 places, like dropping pins on a map. This way you can reference them in addition to your home location. Ie. School, work, shopping centers, vacation destination etc.


Well, I spoke too soon. My Android presence appeared home this morning even though I was 15 miles away. It didn’t change until I rebooted. I’ll install the Android app and continue in that thread. If I have to install the iPhone app for her and need help, I’ll return to this thread.


Why do I almost everytime I open webcore app have to allow it to use my location? If not presence sometimes does not work. I have it on ‘always’ in settings.

(it is in Norwegian, but you get the point)

And is there any plan to move webcore app out from Beta soon??


I just tried to send a message to @ady624 (per the instructions) and received a message that I could not send a PM to that user. Anyone know what’s going on? -Jeff


Also, when you do reach trust level 1 and PM’s are activated, bare in mind that @ady624 is crazy busy right now and there is a backlog sending out the TestFlight invites


Okay. Thanks. I’ll work on getting up to TL1.