[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your iPhone (beta)



Just installing the IOS WebCoRE app, and i have my home place defined and moving onto step 6 of the instructions, and i click on the Setup Sensor button. I type in my sensor name and hit save. I have tried hitting apply and nothing happens and tried waiting for the green button to disappear but never does. Not sure what i am missing everything seemed to go smooth up until this point.

THanks in advance !


I found my mistake, and all is working now!


It helps others if you post what the solution was.


Missing DTH?


Yes it was the issue :disappointed:


with app webore IOS, I have to send in the same PM to @ady624 ?
Thanks guys!


No, it’s now in the iOS App Store so no need to request an invite.



Do i still neet to send a pm to "ady624"
I have webcore on my android but when i click “Setup sensor” in the settings page.
It asks for a name but nothings happens.


No PM’s required.

Have you installed the device handler from @ady624’s GitHub Repo?


sorry that was my mistake.

Thank you


I am sure that I need to build a delay in my piston to account for the varying accuracy.

How would you go about this?

I have a piston I am working on in the piston help forum:


Question about the “Floor” indicator in the ST Tile … how is that configured - would love it if it can differentiate “Home 1st Floor” from “Home 2nd Floor” or basement etc

It appears to be “Unknown Floor” regardless of where I am

(or is this a future feature?)


It’s very limited to certain buildings.


For the vast majority of us it’s of no use at all… but it’s in the Google API so @ady624 included the attribute.

You could possibly tinker with altitude and IF ‘between’ statements, but I’ve never tested the accuracy.


Thanks @Robin - along the lines of what I thought but it was worth a shot :slight_smile:


Is the Webcore presence sensor more reliable than the iPhone presence sensor?

I have two Android and two iPhones and the iPhone’s are not reliable at all. I’m wondering if I force them to download the Webcore app if it will be more reliable?


Can I add this app to iPhone’s that are not on the ST platform? Case use: I’m on vacation and my sister is pet sitting (just coming to feed cats). The ST presence fob is a POS. The only time my sisters presence would trigger is when my house is in Vacation! mode.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated!


Yes you can do this. I have a couple set up for family members.

Side note: Please check the ST forum for a PM from @Robin to verify your username.


Thank you @c1arkbar!!!


Hi guys,

@ady624 great work! Thank you very much!

I must be missing something but I can’t figure out how to install the DH from Github. I already have the WebCore DH installed. When I try to Update from Repo, there is nothing in the three columns. I tried to install it manually via the link in the first post but it gives me an error message.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


You’re probably trying to install it under smartapps instead of device handlers.


I am so blind. Thank you, @Robin!