[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your iPhone (beta)


Hooray… webCoRE mobile app is now approved and available in the Apple App Store… not showing up in the Apple search yet but @ady624 has placed a direct link in post 1… no need for test flight invites anymore!!

Congratulations @ady624


Congrats @ady624 nicely done!


Will the TestFlight versions continue for beta or will updates happen on AppStore from here on out?


Started having issues with the Presence sensor over the past few days. Since mid week it has stopped updating when I get home and therefore my 'I’m Back" routine doesn’t start and I get a load of alerts that I need to clear before I can manually trigger ‘I’m Back’.

Today I setup a push notification based on ‘ArrivingAtPlace’ is Home and this activated before I turned into my road, in fact it sent 3 notifications. However, I sat on my drive looking at the presence sensor in ST and it was still showing as away. Eventually I gave up and went indoors setting off numerous alerts before I could run the routine manually. A few minute later the Presence sensor did change to Home.

I’ve just downloaded the app from the App Store, deleted my Home location and recreated so I can try again tomorrow but has anyone experienced this behaviour?


I’ve been experiencing delays since iOS update… couple of minutes, both leaving and arriving.


Mine has been sporadic too over the last couple days, some times it’s right on others I need to reboot phone and it works. Thought it was just a battery level on phone, Apple slowing down older devices, thing. Now I’m not so sure ? Hmmmm


Sorry for cross posting but I’m wondering if there’s any way to save piston snapshots directly from the iOS app?


Another question I’ve got is whether it’s normal for the app to continue asking about location permissions upon opening even though I’ve got them set to allow location always? It doesn’t happen every time, but if I don’t use the app for a couple of days and then open it’ll ask.


The app only asks the once… what you are seeing is the website within the app asking all the time :wink:

The two permission requests actually look very different, but most don’t realise as they only see the app request once at the very start.




In regards to adding my wife’s presence: does she need to keep the app on her phone?By kill the app do you mean delete it off of my wife 's phone completely or just “minimize” it ?


Swipe it up to close completely, do not delete it.


Did anyone answer this or confirm if this is an actual issue?

It happens to me almost all the time. If I have a device that has a location that is not updating, opening the app typically resolves it, but I get the same message as above.


I tried to rename one of my locations in the setting section of the webcore app. It updated in webcore correctly, but in the ST app, the name didn’t change. Did I do something wrong?


So I have my presence piston working where I trigger my location states based on the currentLocation variable.

The problem is that the location is to (in my case “house”), before I am breaking the arrival geofence (typical driving routes are in red.

See below:

Since I am not allowed to make my geofence smaller, how can I work around this? @ady624


Make a new topic thread with your piston and this image. Not enough info here to adequately help


In Piston Design?

Is this really a piston issue or the webCoRE app updating the locations when geofences are not being crossed?

I feel the side effect is the piston, not the root issue.


Yea go ahead and post it there.


One of the problems I’ve noticed is device GPS accuracy can sometimes be 100-150m off. When the GPS jumps around like this it is usually just a second or two and then it’s back to within 25-50m accuracy. So, if you are driving within 100m of your arriving place and the accuracy jumps to 125m you could trigger your piston. You can see this by enabling debugging in the presence sensor and watching the accuracy change.

You may need to look at doing something like if you stay at arriving place for 30 seconds then trigger your piston. I haven’t tested doing something like this so no idea if this would work but you probably need to somehow build in some wait time to ensure you are truly at the house.


That is exactly what happens. It only changes the currentPlace for I’d say one minute max.

I’ll look at changing the piston as you said.

I was hoping there was something in the app that could be changed. The standard, “presence,” status does not change in this case from what I’m seeing in the ST logs.