[Install Instructions] webCoRE Presence Sensor on your iPhone (beta)


You could simply change the webCoRE password in the ST app, and delete the presence sensor itself from the ST app.

The mobile app would then revert to the login page.

But you’d be best deleting the mobile app from the work phone before handing it in, as I’m not sure what it stores locally in the app data such as browser cache and presence history.


Is the webCoRE presence sensor known to be tough on iPhone battery? My wife and I were both getting poor results with the default SmartThings iPhone presence sensor and so I switched us over to the webCoRE version. I love all the extra data it provides for us but since switching a week ago we have both been experiencing really poor battery life on our phones. Both phones have new batteries that were installed by Apple in February and we were getting good life until the past week. The only common change made to both phones in the last week was the use of the webCoRE presence sensor so it seems it must be the culprit. Any recommendations on what we can do about it? The drain is so bad that I can not continue to use it on my phone as my phone has less than 10% by the end of my work day, and I don’t use it much at all while at work.


On your iPhone, go into “settings -> battery”… it should populate a list of what apps are consuming your battery.


I have done this and the webCoRE app does not show as a high usage but the only common factor that has changed on both phones since our battery life has gone to garbage is the use of the webCoRE presence sensor. Both sensors were changed to this 1 week ago and that is exactly when our battery life plummeted.


hmm, not sure then… For what it’s worth, I’ve been running the WC presence sensor for a few months now, and I haven’t noticed any type of battery drain from it.
I’d uninstall it on one of the phones and see if it is actually the cause.

edit: Thought of something else… Have you updated any apps in the appstore? I update mine manually, but some people configure them to auto-update… So there could have been changes to your applications over the past week.


As a follow up I removed the WebCoRe presence sensor from both phones and went back to the SmartThings presence sensor and both of our phones are getting great battery life again so it does seem that this was the culprit for us. It is unfortunate as I was looking forward to playing around with the sleep capabilities.


I’ve had the webCoRE app (with presence sensor) on my iPhone X for a few weeks now. No noticeable drain on the battery. Battery stats show it at 1% over the past 24 hrs.


I’m busy hopping over to Hubitat, Do you think it would be difficult to get this presence sensor on there?


i can’t get past step 6 - don’t see any green button, but also realized i have not got completely on webcore app, i have only been in the forum - its asking me for my registration code from the webcore smartapp… not sure how to get that being i can’t get on the webcore app



thank you


I found this to be incredibly unreliable, I get more reliability out of the SmartThings presence senor, which is a travesty of itself.

From my wife’s device (un/installed several times to try to fix) if I get any status change at all, it’s often Arrives, Leaves, Arrives, Leaves in quick succession. Mmost often getting hung up on the last Leaves (away) as she’s arriving.

On my daughter’s phone, it gets stuck in Away for days at a time.

My phone works 90% of the time, with the other 10% getting stuck away.

How can I improve reliability of my iphones presence?


I’ve been testing this like crazy for the past two weeks and it is completely unreliable compared to both the ST sensor and regular tracking apps on the iPhone (find my phone etc.). Pretty much it’s compeltely unusable unless there are any fixes in the works.


  • Random false alerts. Get home, goes away, home again that sort of thing, even with a wide bubble.
  • Delayed events. This is the worst. Getting events an hour after arriving home.
  • No events at all. Will work fine one day then nothing the next.
  • Constant popups on the device ie “Do you want to share this location?”. So events will completely stop until you remember and open the WebCoRE app then all of a sudden events come through. Impossible to keep checking on kids phones etc.

Such a shame as I had some great pistons set up to leverage the tech. Hoping there’s some fixes in the pipline.



I’ve suddenly been having some of the same issues… mainly the “do you want to share this location” when opening the webcore app. This causes the missed returning events. Not sure why iOS won’t remember, even if I select it in location settings and choose “always”… pretty frustrating because I can’t find any reason why it might be losing the setting.


I am actually having the exact opposite experience. Both mine and my wife’s presence sensors work almost 100% of the time. I don’t even remember the last time either of them failed.

But I did have the same experience as you back in the early days and I seemed to have fixed it by getting the circles just right. Making sure there was enough distance between them. Part of the problem I saw was that our GPS accuracy on our phones would jump back and forth from 50 m to 300 m in a matter of seconds so I needed to make sure the departing and arriving circles were far enough apart to account for our GPS jumping around.


It seems fairly typical that some people have a lot of GPS/Phone-related issues and others, like my wife and I have no issues whatsoever. Over time, we’ve each had three IOS phones, lived in two different homes/locations and used both the ST and webCoRE GPS-related apps without issue. I now have my thermostat setpoints, lights, porch fountain etc. (none are safety-related) controlled via webCoRE’s location sensor and they all perform consistently well.

Don’t know why there’s such a discrepancy in performance. As @Boxfan says, getting your circles far enough apart to properly function is certainly important.


@ady624 Is this still in Beta? I see in the app store it is $2.99 and does not look like it is beta. So is this a real product now? Do you have any volume discount? I want it just for the presence indicator for ST for me and my family (5 total).


I have family members and want to use their webcore presence but do not want them to have access to the webcore pistons

I have a 2nd instance of webcore for TILES already at up in smartthings

Can i register their phones for TILE (2nd) instance of webcore and still have their presence Sensor work properly and also still access it inside if my PISTONS (1st) instance of webcore?



You can register their phone for any instance you wish, set presence up, then log out of the instance - the phone will continue to track presence


Thanks @ady624 !