Introducing a new webCoRE logo and community layout!



Congrats guys! I wish I had the skills to help more. If there’s something that doesn’t need hardcore coding skills, let me know!


Certainly like the dark contrast better, now if I could only get ST to install this option :wink:
Been looking at light grey on white for almost 3 years, yack!


Well done, guys! It looks great.


well done all it looks awesome! love the new logo!


The conversation bubbles haven’t changed since my first draft of the design, it would be great to get some ideas for topics to feature there! A good starting point is to think “What is the most amazing thing I achieved or saw someone achieve with webCoRE?”

The conversations should be very concise and can have up to 4 speech bubbles. There are currently only 2 conversations and they’re not great – I would love to hear some ideas!


Excellent work @ipaterson and @chauger!


Vice Nice indeeed!!!:clap::clap:


I’ll sure look into it and come back to you. Since English is my second language, you might need to correct some mistakes tho. :blush:


Hey @ipaterson and other minions…
Is anybody working on an html/css update of the webCoRE dashboard? If nobody’s doing this, and you’re interested in it, I’d love to get a sandbox version to play with and send you back some ideas.


This is not a priority right now, but making it easier for people like you to contribute things like this certainly is. Unfortunately there is not much that you can do today to experiment with the dashboard code or run webCoRE locally, but I will be in touch in a few weeks following some planning, a portion of which is related to lowering the barriers of entry for code contributions.


Sure. I understand it’s not a priority… but it does seem a shame to not work on it if somebody is offering up time and coding skills. I guess let me know if y’all ever want someone to work on it.


I hope the changes are implemented on the smartthings community page. This site looks great.


Good work…and the dark theme is great


I love it!




Looks fantastic, nice work!


Just getting started with WebCore, but everything is looking great, thanks for all the efforts.

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@ipaterson @chauger @Robin

Very nice, but how do I get the dark theme on the actual WebCoRE dashboard webpage that I use to manage my pistons? i.e.


The Dashboard is a separate entity…

If you are using a desktop browser, you should be able to create your own custom theme for it by using a plugin like Stylish. (it helps to know a little bit about CSS)

For example, this single replacement line in Stylish:


…changes the background color on my Dashboard:


The other elements can be changed as well.
I usually right click and use the “Inspector” to pinpoint the code that needs changing.