MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: 2000 Community Users & Brand New Dashboard!


:confetti_ball: Today’s announcement is a really special one! :tada:

:tada: It’s actually 2. :confetti_ball:

The community forums have now reached and now exceed 2000 users

We are 2000+ users strong, yes you read it right. There are 2000 users on this community forum. What’s more amazing is there are 4x as many installations of webCoRE in use, so really only 25% of all webCoRE users have an account and participate on the webCoRE community forum.

A new dashboard layout has been launched.

If you haven’t taken the time today to visit the dashboard and drool on your keyboard from a sense of awe regarding the beautiful redesign, please do so. You’re going to be amazed. Our newest minion @acd37 has been hard at work in the webCoRE basement for the better part of 2 months getting this ready for all of you. The curtain is off and it’s guaranteed to amaze.

BEFORE YOU DO, head over to the SmartThings IDE and update your webCoRE smartapp. Once you do, Enjoy!! Once you update, if the new dashboard doesn’t appear when you open it, just clear your cookies. :wink:

For a sneak peek, click here.

webCoRE is an evolution of the original CoRE smartapp, both developed by @ady624 and released free to everyone. I think it’s important that we recognize Adrian for the truly exceptional work and dedication he has put into this project, and the absolutely unusual spirit he has in both making and keeping both CoRE and webCore free to everyone. There is no doubt that Adrian could benefit financially for his efforts, a point that many of us have encouraged, to which he has continually resisted.
The point I make is that each and every one of us who benefit immensely from his selfless dedication should, if time permits take a moment to say thank you to Adrian below.

This community itself truly amazes me constantly. First some community stats:

  • This community is 6 months old
  • We are 2000+ users strong.
  • We average between 150-200 user visits per day.
  • We average 10 new users daily
  • There are 2.2k topics (threads) throughout the community’s categories
  • There are a total of 21.5k posts throughout the community’s categories
  • In all this activity, we have only had 16 flagged posts!!!
  • The average time to the first reply to a topic is 35 minutes!
  • Less than 10% of topics don’t have at least one reply
  • BY TONIGHT, this site will have nearly 1 million page views. Ya. A million. That’s insane.
  • 3.6k private messages have been sent
  • 15% of all traffic is from mobile devices

That is just a brief summary of this forum’s stats. Amazing isn’t it?!

This community itself is incredible. I’ve said so many times as we have reached user milestones how the members here are incredible. Each and every one of you contribute and enrich this place with your participation and enthusiasm. People come to get help with issues, people troubleshoot, people come to learn new tricks, people teach old dogs, people come to hang out, people come to hangout with them. This is a community in it’s truest sense with users all over the world. It’s positively inspiring to be part of and watch grow. You should all be proud of what you have made. You have made a community.

We have 1 Gru and 20 minions who make and maintain this show.

Among the minions, there are a few that truly stand out for their contributions.


As a user on this community there’s little chance you have not had an email or 2 with this fine chap from Welwyn Garden City, England. Robin has been the minion at the very heart of this community. Every day, he spends a great deal of time manually verifying user accounts against users on the SmartThings community forum in order to maintain your user identity between both forums. This is a truly thankless job for which he rarely receives accolades. But it is one of the most important processes this community has in order to preserve your reputation between the forums. Not only does Robin do user verifications, he is one of the most active posters, almost always shining a solution on many a problem, or at the very least bringing humor to many discussions.
Thank you sir.


Ian’s contributions are truly indispensable. One of the easiest to see, was the layout and redesign to the community just a couple of months ago. He gave this place a fantastic makeover that stands apart from many other forums in its’ clean and inviting color palate and unique and simple to navigate main page.
What most users are not aware is Ian has been the ship’s chief engineer since @ady624 has joined the SmartThings team. He didn’t build the ship, but he’s keeping the webCoRE platform running smoothly and enhancing functionality constantly. He’s become webCoRE’s Geordi LaForge.
Without him, @ady624 would probably never have time to sleep.
I thank Ian on behalf of the entire minion team, and I hope you will do the same.


Craig is one of our newest minions. In conjunction with Ian, Craig designed all of the new webCoRE branding. On everything from the phone app to the forum, all the logo and visual branding was from design to color palate was his work. So much of what you see that visually identifies webCoRE is the work of this fine gentleman.


Alec is our newest minion, having joined the yellow ranks in the last 2 months. You may or may not have seen it yet, but the new dashboard redesign from desktop, mobile and app interfaces is the work of this incredible guy. Alec approached the minions looking to contribute to the very community and platform he has gotten so much out of. His enthusiasm and commitment to giving back has been inspiring to watch. He is the minion responsible for bringing you the new dashboard format and layout, including bringing Ian’s revamp of the community look together with @chauger’s branding contributions to the dashboard for a truly unified user experience.

In closing, I would like to thank each and everyone who makes this community what it is, all of you, the @Confirmed_ST_User @Confirmed_Non_ST.
I would also like to reiterate my personal thanks to @ady624, @RobinWinbourne, @ipaterson, @chauger, and @acd37, and all of the @webCoRE_Minions for their outstanding contributions to this community!

Introducing a new webCoRE logo and community layout!

Here’s the sneak peek of the new dashboard!


We’d love feedback on the new dashboard everyone.


Love it. Definitely a more modern look. Nice work folks.


FYI… hard refresh in your browser is required to clear the old cache.

On desktop, hold CTRL whilst clicking the browser refresh button.

On mobile (iOS safari)… go to safari settings in the iPhone settings, and clear website data.

On other mobile browsers… happy hunting lol.

Cloud forces refresh every 3 days so you’ll see the update eventually, whatever you do.


I like everything about it, especially having this…


at the top now!!!


Lots of people asked for that one… we do care haha


I think the new dashboard looks great - love the splash screen and especially love that you can cancel creating a piston by clicking delete instead of having to save piston and then delete.


One question though and not sure if this is best thread to ask, but I’m getting this message at bottom of pistons. I’d updated the parent app earlier and there’s no other available updates from github. How can I clear this?


Love it! It’s super clean and modern. Congrats everyone!


Love this new look and feel … so much better

THANK YOU @acd37 !!!


Double check all apps are on v0.3

Then go to the app within the ST mobile app… open and save.

GitHub integration sometimes won’t show the update, I think this happens if you go to ‘my smartapps’ Just before an update and cache not needing an update.




Hmm yeah all 4 smart apps will need to be updated here, but I’m not familiar with any other ways to coax SmartThings into detecting those changes.

For anyone affected by this, rest assured that the changes in the smart apps are very minor, just a fix for the was conditions. You won’t have any issues with the new dashboard if your smart apps don’t get updated right away.


Wow, the dashboard looks great! Love the look and the UI tweaks, especially having the buttons at the top and bottom of each piston. Great job!!!


Here’s a screenshot of main smartapp but I’m not sure how to check version of child apps.


Child apps are the piston and storage apps… you can check them by viewing the code itself in the IDE… the revision history is at the top of each one.


Ok so good call on individual child apps. The main app and dashboard ones are up to date but the storage and piston ones are on the old version and even show in purple on the code page, but yet in the main list of smartapps show black. Additionally it doesn’t show any available updates when updating from repo.


You’ve got yourself stuck in the infamous ST / GitHub black hole… I’ve been there a few times with a few different apps!

I’ve no idea what causes it, something to do with the way ST checks for updates and caches the result… only fix is to update manually (copy / paste) and when the next WC update gets pushed out it’ll show as usual.


Ok thanks for the help - updated via copy and paste. All set now,