MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: 2000 Community Users & Brand New Dashboard!


I updated all 4 apps. Everything seems to be working well. Good job to Adrian, Ian, Robin, and everyone involved, thanks much for your hard work.


Don’t forget Alec!


Now I know why Robin shares his technical abilities and helps people so much, it’s his karmic penance for residing in Welwyn Garden City!




Can someone please point me to the code for this update?


If you’re not setup with GitHub integration… you can copy/paste from here:


And Alex, and everyone else who contributed to making WebCore the great s/w that it is. Thanks much!!


Big thanks to all that have helped make this what it is. Have not yet updated to apps, issues @ work this morning that need priority - but still wanted to chime in quick. Core and webCore reinvigorated my care/focus on the ST platform and HA in general. I had the set of lights and some decent automations, but had accepted that I was going to simply live with it as is.

The exposure and ease of coding very complex code in webCore and the absolutely fantastic support of this community @Robin (a major player in that) really helped me get excited about this stuff again. Thanks to all that have helped make this a great community.

And great work on the updates - as others have said, much more modern looking.



A bit of an issue with the menu…

Check this out.

Screenshot from my Pixel 2 XL




Same with my Huawei.


@Tony_B @bobbles

Thanks for bringing this to our attention… I’ve flagged it to the appropriate minions.


@Tony_B @bobbles

Can you confirm you both updated all your apps, and then cleared cache and cookies and hard reset your browser?

I am using a Pixel XL, and don’t see this issue. Also, the menu should actually be full page height and this looks like a stage in development.


I’ve updated now and have to agree with the other posts it looks great ,
Nice and fresh.
Good job on the new splash screen.
Well done to everyone involved :slight_smile:


I had that issue about 10 mins ago.
I had to clear the cache of chrome and do a force stop then it was fine when reloading.


Small GUI issue if you are zoomed or resolution is low (high?) on pc browsers.

The new collapsable nav bar on the left of the main dashboard screen. If you are running your browser zoomed in, you get a scroll bar that overlaps the new icons - when collapsed.

Very minor issue, but figured in the spirit of debugging.



Fixed after clearing cache and updating from repo.




Great to hear!
Hopefully will be the same for @bobbles


There might be something we can do about that, the browser is instructed to hide the scrollbar when not in use but not all Windows browser support that I suppose.