Is Stays On gone?


I moved all of my pistons from ST to HE a few months ago. I just went to make some adjustments to a piston and cannot find the Stays On command in the task drop-down. I may not be remembering things correctly, but it seems like that used to be an option. I completely wiped out my ST account so I can’t check. Can someone who still has access to WC on ST take a look? I’m curious as to whether there may be differences between WC on ST and WC on HE that might have affected my pistons as I imported them to HE. TIA.


I have an old installation of WC on ST. Here’ what the triggers look like.



Thanks for checking. Here’s what I have available on HE:

I want a push notification if a light stays on for more than 10 minutes. I chose is now and stays and it’s working. I do wonder how my old pistons translated to the new Hubitat WC code in instances where the same command weren’t available, though. :man_shrugging:


The string you see is updated in HE, but this is just for the IDE, the underlying command in the pseudo code is the same (hence things move over fine).