Is there a way to search pistons for an action?


I’m looking to track down which of my Pistons is sending me text notifications. Is there a faster way to search all pistions for an action or trigger?

Similar to find and replace?


That would be a great addition, Search and Replace.
I too have to troll pistons a while ago looking for an SMS line, I just didn’t remember what piston it was in.


Replacing one device for another device (with the same attributes) is in the making, search and replace text isn’t planned at this time.




I often have a similar issue trying to find tiny lines of code or references buried within who knows which piston… As an alternative to find & replace… How about giving us the capability of outputting all of the text from our pistons into a single document. Then (at least) we could scan that one document, to find the elusive code that needs tweaking, and edit that code the old fashioned way…

Since many of my pistons communicate with (or rely upon) other pistons, the complexity of my pistons makes many edits a royal pain. I often spend way too much time trying to find which piston has the code that I need to edit.


I would like to find out where I used a global variable in all my pistons. My OCD kicked in and fixing some names to align with naming conventions and have broke a piston or two. If I could find the pistons with a search that would be great.


I am trying to figure out why my thermostat is changing set point, so searching for piston search function again…

I remembered that in the ST IDE, My Locations, select hub, ListSmartApps shows all the pistons under the webCoRE smartapp. If you click on the piston name, it pops up all kind of information, including the JSON formatted (???) source code of the piston with text sting and device names, some of the devices are displayed as a code/ID string though.

Anyway, sometime I will try to use curl or wget to dump all this text to a file via the HREF links in the page. Each piston has an HREF like:

<a href="[/installedSmartApp/showModal/a41axxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-89dxxxxxxx"


Recommend you check in the ST mobile app, go to your thermostat device and then view the ‘SmartApps’ tab which will list all pistons controlling that device.

Also, the recently tab will list the name of the specific piston that changed the setpoint.