Linking Smartthings


I linked my smarthings by messaging someone on smarthings community yesterday to do so. I got a popup on this site asking me to.
Today I see it is linked, now i can not logon to smartthings. Coudl it be related?
I use lastpass to login, so I don’t see how its a user error. but who knows.


It was me you messaged… but there is no physical link between the accounts and this forum is not affiliated with ST in any official way.

The verification check is just to ensure you have control of the matching name on ST… demonstrated by sending me a message.

All I then do is place you in the verified group and award the verified badge (on here).

Perhaps a password reset is in order on the ST forum.


Ok. then I am guessing I must have let Chrome save my creds and did not update Lastpass at some point.
Ill just reset it then. Thank you