Location Mode Broken?


Hi all

I seem to have an issue in the last few days where Location Mode no longer appears to trigger on any of my pistons or appear in piston logging.

Everything else seems to be working ok, and WebCore dashboard shows the current location mode… but I’m convinced something has changed behind the scenes as there is nothing appearing in logs and all triggers are just idle… It does however appear to be working as a condition, which is even stranger.

Has anyone else experienced any problem before, like SHM I start writing this out to a variable instead?



It does rather seem like Location Mode change events aren’t being propagated to legacy apps at the moment. It is apparently affecting Smart Lighting and it certainly affects ActionTiles. ActionTiles can read the current value when refreshed so that is consistent with your seeing conditions working.

The temporary fix would be to have an Automation do something that can still trigger webCoRE (toggle a switch, push a momentary etc) and then use a condition instead of a trigger to test the Location Mode in the piston.