Lost Pistons After Smartthings Upgrade


Still trying to wrap my head around this. A few months back I upgraded to the new Smartthings and everything was still running fine and I had no need to go back into modify my existing pistons. Now, I learn that I can’t use CoRE with the new app so I install Smartthings Classic and try to get to my old pistons. I even went into the Smartthings IDE > Edit > Upgrade recently. My old pistons are still running, but I can’t see or modify them. When I log into Web Core, it is a blank slate. Any idea how to get to my old account? I can’t log into Classic Smartthings with my old credentials, looks like they require the Samsung credentials now to log in. I’m guessing that is where the mismatch is.


Login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com and click on My Locations — do you see two Home locations listed. If yes, respond back and we can go from there.


I did have two “Home” locations, but I deleted the one without any devices attached to it last week. webCoRE was still active in my current location. I didn’t have to re-add webCoRE,


At this point, it is best that you contact ST and report the problem after your account migration. They should be able to sync up everything for you.

BTW, I wasn’t clear if you can’t login to the Classic app with your new Samsung account. CoRE and webCoRE do run in the new app.


I may have been mistaken. We ran some tests last night and the old pistons never fired, so I think I lost those after deleting the second “Home” location last week. I was just so used to everything working, I assumed that those pistons were still firing. I went ahead and rebuilt those pistons and everything is working again. Thanks for the help.