Lutron Caseta Dimmers are no longer fading on in webcore



1) Give a description of the problem

I recently returned after being away for a week and noticed that my Lurton Caseta Dimmers are no longer fading on to a given percentage in Webcore. What has changed since I have been away?

2) What is the expected behaviour?

I have been using the “Fade Level” for about 2 years now in pistons, but it appears to cause errors now.

3) What is happening/not happening?

The dimmers are not fading ON by the input percentage.

4) Post a Green Snapshot of the pistonimage

Below follows a test piston that I have been using to trouble shoot the issue. This has always worked for me.

5) Attach logs after turning logging level to Full

As you can see at +98ms I am now getting a java error that states command is not supported.
I can dim it in Smarthings and using Alexa.

5/1/2022, 6:53:09 PM +222ms

+0ms ╔Received event [My home].time = 1651445580000 with a delay of 9221ms

+53ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 19ms > PS > 22ms > PE > 13ms > CE

+55ms ║Runtime (42186 bytes) successfully initialized in 22ms (v0.3.114.20220203) (54ms)

+56ms ║╔Execution stage started

+63ms ║║Comparison (time) 67989283 happens_daily_at (time) 67980000 = true (0ms)

+64ms ║║Time restriction check passed

+66ms ║║Cancelling condition #2’s schedules…

+67ms ║║Condition #2 evaluated true (5ms)

+68ms ║║Cancelling statement #2’s schedules…

+71ms ║║Requesting time schedule wake up at Mon, May 2 2022 @ 6:53:00 PM EDT

+73ms ║║Cancelling condition #1’s schedules…

+74ms ║║Condition group #1 evaluated true (state changed) (13ms)

+76ms ║║Cancelling statement #3’s schedules…

+98ms ║║Error while executing physical command Media Room Light.setLevel([20]): java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘setLevel’ is not supported by device 53c905fd-71fe-474d-a973-529a77e9f4bf of type ‘placeholder’. Supported commands: [on, off, refresh, ping]

+100ms ║║Executed virtual command [Media Room Light].fadeLevel (18ms)

+102ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (46ms)

+104ms ║Setting up scheduled job for Mon, May 2 2022 @ 6:53:00 PM EDT (in 86390s)

+111ms ╚Event processed successfully (111ms)

Marking this as resolved as it is a duplicate of what can be found here


Probably the same thing that’s happening to the users in the thread here.


Yep, sounds like a widespread problem with any wifi dimmable devices on ST. Through a linked thread on my thread, it sounds like it’s gotten the attention of ST engineers, so hopefully we’ll get a fix soon!


In this thread the error message refers to the ‘placeholder’ device type, which is what you’d expect with a modern C2C integration. Curiously yours had a Lutron device type which is more typical of a DTH.

Cloud integrations do seem to be the common factor at the moment.


Thanks @orangebucket for the link.