Lutron devices not showing up as available devices


Hello - new to WebCoRE here, but have used CoRE in the past. I have installed WC and fired it up to create my first piston. For some reason, I am not able to find my Lutron Caseta switches in the list of available devices. I have mostly Z-Wave switches in the house that communicate directly with the SmartThings hub, but also have a few Lutron Caseta switches that communicate to SmartThings through the Lutron hub. It all works seamlessly in the SmartThings app and in ActionTiles, and all of these devices are visible and available to CoRE - but not in WebCoRE. Any ideas?


Have you noticed that as well as the two main lists of devices, which show devices with the Actuator and Sensor capabilities, there are three ‘capability groups’ with many other lists of devices?

Usually when devices aren’t found it is because they are newer integrations that don’t use the deprecated Actuator and Sensor capabilities and they have to be found with other capabilities such as Switch.


Thank you for the response. I was going to immediately respond and tell you that I checked those and enabled all devices there, but decided to check once again. Evidently, I stopped adding devices after I added everything in Capability group 1. I see my switches now in group 3. Rookie mistake. Thanks for the reminder. I’m all set.