MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: 2000 Community Users & Brand New Dashboard!


I am current with all apps but just now the dashboard wants me to enter a new reg code. I was using it not 30 minutes ago in the same browser/machine.

The dashboard on my iPad has not requested a new code.


Please don’t change this. It’s good as is.



Your password probably just timed out… I’m guessing you logged in on your iPad more recently so it hasn’t timed out yet. The default is (I think) 30 days… but you can extend this in the webCoRE security settings via the ST app.


Ah okay, thanks. Just hadn’t asked me in the longest time so I wasn’t sure.


User selected theming is something we’d like to implement in the future at some point, but I couldn’t give a timeline right now.

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #97