Minimum Diameter of Places


Is there supposed to be a minimum diameter for places?

I’m trying to set up two places the size of two neighboring houses so I can tell when someone is at one house or the other. The interface will let me shrink the circles down to the size of each house, but after saving and reopening the place the circles have expanded back out to a size covering both properties.

It would be nice if the circles would stay whatever size we drew them as, or else limit the interface size to what is possible so we know it’s going to stay.


How far apart are the two houses? With most GPS, anything under a half mile diameter will often jump out of bounds a couple of times a day. (even if you are still home)

For better reliability with GPS, I usually aim for a diameter of 1 (or occasionally 1.5) miles.
(advanced users can use the nearest WiFi to pinpoint much more precisely)

If you just need a ‘notification’ when user arrives at a particular house, then a small circle would likely work. Just keep in mind that if you decide to go with the smallest circle possible, you’ll have to code accordingly, or you will end up spamming yourself. (GPS will hop in and out of a small circle quite often)

Edit 2:
If the two houses are side by side, I would abandon using GPS entirely. WebCoRE has no control over the strength of your antenna or battery, the weather, the orbiting satellites, their reliability, or their precision.

With current technology, GPS will jump around a bit throughout the day.
(at 12,500 miles distance, even a 0.1% variance can easily jump a half mile)