Missing Webcore Instance in App


Hello! I was editing my pistons yesterday when the Smartthings app crashed.

When I went back in to the app, the Webcore instance is missing from SmartApps (phone restart did nothing).

If I log on to the Smartthings API, under My SmartApps, I can see: Webcore, Webcore Dashboard, Webcore Piston, Webcore Storage.

If I click on List Smart Apps I do not see my pistons. Not a big deal.

How can I get the instance back in Smarthings so I can get back into Webcore?

Thanks you! @ipaterson @jkp


I’m talking to myself but when I click the + sign in Automations this is all I see. Where is Webcore?


I don’t have ST anymore but are you sure you have the correct location selected in the app?


@eibyer hat are you using instead?
I want to move all my stuff to a new system, still using webCoRE (I love webCoRE) but currently I don’t find time to switch all the devices and adjust all the stuff. On the other hand I get more and more nervous about the webCoRE integration in ST.


My Samsung account shows my region as USA and ST, Manage Locations shows my hub is associated to my home address in the USA.

i tried reinstalling the app but that did nothing. Another person on the account cannot see Webcore in ST on their device anymore either.

Is there another way to use API to access Webcore?



I have switched over to Hubitat Elevation. There are some discussion in the thread below. My one advice if you do decide to switch over is take it slow on the pairing of zwave devices. Make sure you do not have any failed pairing that will create a ghost device. Major pain in the neck when that happens.


The fix:

  • Open the SmartThings app
  • Click on “+”; Add routine; Discover
  • Once you click on Discover, scroll to the bottom to see available SmartApps


I am having the same exact issue right now. I don’t want to just install a new instance since I want access to all my current pistons. Any ideas?