Mobile app for webCoRE


Warmed up my iphone, so I can test with dual phones using the same account. Android as primary.
Me, my self and I would love to have the option to make one of them master of location, and by pushing a button on the second phone transfer the master role to that phone.

You think different @ady624 ?


Can those distances be variable? Because at 500’ from the house, I’m going to be doing a lot of leaving and arriving when mowing.

I’d need at least… call it 500 YARDS in any direction from the hub to dictate “leaving” the geofence.


Inside and outside ranges are dynamically set via the UI:

Hoping to get the iOS app working in a couple days, then I can have people test


That’s super exciting, thanks again!


if presence enters zone x
With location
send notification 'warning, you are too close to Walmart!! Crazy people ahead!


You need a notification for that? That’s a given fact, public knowledge, detour…


All jokes apart, I’ll set Costco as a zone and use entering area as a trigger to email or sms the list of things to buy based on my pantry inventory piston. :face_with_monocle:

I might as well put circles around local liquor store and notify my wife and/or robocall MasterCard to freeze my card. Can’t decide yet :clown_face:


Talking about Costco… anyone willing to buy some ‘Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder’ and post to the UK?

Will pay all costs!! Can’t get it in the UK


I wish I could but this product is not available in my area. Sorry!


I can check on Monday, got people at work with costco memberships. I have bj’s


Thanks… I suspect the postage will be a killer but would be interesting to know!

I can’t stand te stuff myself… but my wife will be forever grateful and owe me lots of favours if you catch my drift haha


Sounds like my drift haha


The Robin Family, a story of clam chowders.

Sounds like a movie title lol


Campbell’s Homestyle Soup, New England Clam Chowder, 18.8 Ounce ?


We buy the big tins when visiting Taiwan:

As I said, probably not possible due to shipping cost?


I’ll look into this. I get a massive fedex discount. I have to see if it includes international


you can get it in the UK:

just buy from a seller with over 500 ratings and better than 99% positive:



That’s not half bad $, delivered



This is fairly typical:


this one says ships worldwide: