Mobile app for webCoRE


£24 postage for 3 tins :frowning:

Looks like I hijacked the thread… sorry all!!


Saw several new posts in this thread and was like oh snap did it release?! Nope just a bunch of chatter about some soup :joy:


People want a mobile app, and @Robin just wants to talk about getting canned soup shipped to the U.K.



Made huge progress yesterday where places are stored in the iOS app - need to work on virtual device and communication between iOS app and the virtual device - last stretch before the finish line


Out of curiosity, you might know that iOS 11 broke presence sensor for ST and the issue is still pending resolution. I guess all is needed is an update to the app…

Did you figure out how to not encounter the same issue as ST?


My latest tests showed that it actually works - but iOS moved from Swift 3 to Swift 4 and in the typical Apple way, everything’s changed. I’ve never seen another programming language change so fast and so … not backwards compatible :smiley:


That’s why I’m still using ObjC…


Finally got a minute to check out the virtual presence device in IDE:

PS I purposefully messed up with the latitude and longitude. I took special care to ensure presence data does not pass through servers - phone sends it directly to ST - don’t want that info anywhere close to :smiley:


How does one go about getting on the testing for this?


I need to get it working and user ready - then I will purchase the Apple Developer subscription and can share it around. So far I am testing things myself. Did a little test leaving work for lunch, killed all apps on my phone and opened ST to check on the tiles of my device:

I should add the restaurant to my places :wink:


“Altitude -.4yd” :scream:
I thought you were no longer flooded? :wink:



Florida is flat and very close to sea level, some places below it.


I have an Android device, so I could help test there. :wink:


Nice! Another thing you do better than ST… having presence sensor work reliably on iOS 11 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just sayin’ ! :sunglasses:


And the way back:




@ady624 When you are ready to test Android, I’d love to help out. This looks awesome!


Have you seen this thread?

What thread???

Who said that???



Nope! In fact, i get “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” when i click on that link :slightly_smiling_face: Looks like you guys are hiding it from me!


Aaaaaahhhhhhh… oops.