Mobile app for webCoRE



Awesome work with webCoRE!

I wanted to try the new webCoRE app for presence and managed to set it up for my phone (iPhone 6s) and have created 3 locations, however if i try to configure on my wife’s phone (iPhone 5 on latest IOS 10.3.3) the app works until i configure it as a sensor. From that point on if i try and open the webCoRE app it just crashes back out. (Reboot doesn’t fix, deleting and reinstalling app lets me run app until i configure her phone as a sensor then boom - crash city)

I can see the device registered as a webCoRE Presence Sensor in the ST IDE, but just cannot run the app

Is there a limitation on the IOS version supported by the app, as I can’t update her iPhone 5 past 10.3.3

Also on a related note, if i wanted to say register my fathers phone as a presence sensor can i remove his ability to use the app and just have it registered as a presence sensor?


Hi all,

Has anyone else seen this issue with the WebCore app on IOS 10 (i.e. latest IOS for iPhone 5)
Is it a known issue with the app?



Can I just say YEARS later and this is still the best implementation of presence! Kudos.


Would love to see some Android Widgets!

It would be cool to be able to just glance at my home screen to see the status of things instead of having to open an app.

Also, would be nice to be able to add frequently used switches as an Android Widget on the homescreen!


@bubblywater, Tasker for Android can do all of that, plus so much more…

(it’s not a “live” connection to the devices, but webCoRE can send status updates, and the icon can change accordingly)


SharpTools offers Android widgets.


Is this app still supported or is development dead? I can see it in the app store, but it says last update was October 18, 2017…


I’m wondering the same


Yeah! This is the awesome idea.