Mobile app for webCoRE



Awesome work with webCoRE!

I wanted to try the new webCoRE app for presence and managed to set it up for my phone (iPhone 6s) and have created 3 locations, however if i try to configure on my wife’s phone (iPhone 5 on latest IOS 10.3.3) the app works until i configure it as a sensor. From that point on if i try and open the webCoRE app it just crashes back out. (Reboot doesn’t fix, deleting and reinstalling app lets me run app until i configure her phone as a sensor then boom - crash city)

I can see the device registered as a webCoRE Presence Sensor in the ST IDE, but just cannot run the app

Is there a limitation on the IOS version supported by the app, as I can’t update her iPhone 5 past 10.3.3

Also on a related note, if i wanted to say register my fathers phone as a presence sensor can i remove his ability to use the app and just have it registered as a presence sensor?


Hi all,

Has anyone else seen this issue with the WebCore app on IOS 10 (i.e. latest IOS for iPhone 5)
Is it a known issue with the app?



Can I just say YEARS later and this is still the best implementation of presence! Kudos.