Mobile Presence Problem


Recently, my webCoRE mobile presence (set up via the app) continues to have issues. It keeps marking me away/home when I haven’t left my house. No clue how to fix this but I’ve had to completely disable all automations based on my presence as my house (and wife) were going nuts. Anyone else having this problem or know of a fix?


My first thought is your GPS circle is likely too small around your house.
Increasing the size should help greatly.

The logic behind this is:
ALL GPS devices jump around a bit throughout the day, so a larger circle helps to ensure it still shows you at home.


Really good call out. Only thing that makes me think that isn’t the solve is that my wife isn’t having the same issue and the gps circle is the same for her.

My only guess right now is that it may be the iOS beta software I’m on (13.2), but that also feels like a stretch.


Every device has a different sensitivity… and perhaps more importantly, different error correction…

Some even bypass GPS entirely when a known WiFi is near…

Your mileage may vary


My presence sensor was working properly 98% of the time. Specifically, I have a piston that opens my garage in certain scenarios when I arrive home. Worked very consistently, until I replace my iphone 7 (weak battery, broken screen/camera) with an iPhone 11 (13.2) two week ago. Now it works sometimes, often after a long 10-30 delay. But wife’s iphone 7 (iOS12), still works every time on time. I think it is my phone, but I am going to update my wife’s phone to iOS 13.2 as a test.

I expanded my gps circle, to try and mitigate the issue with little to any improvement.


You are very lucky that you had 98% accuracy before :)))
I never had more than 50% and had amazing plans for presence sensor…
But never happened…

pls let us know if this is somewhat IOS related issue???


I have narrowed it down to least it is not an iOS issue. I have been monitoring my wifes and my phone, hers iOS12 mine iOS13.2. I am using Life 360, and every time Smarthings/Webcore show that I or my wife have not arrived when we have or not departed when we did: Life360 is showing the correct status, but ST is not. Not sure what the means or the cause.


There is a known bug with the current Version of the new ST app for iOS where the app keeps logging out, thus making the location services not work properly. If you see the login field when you first open the ST app for iOS and then it automatically logs in again or it prompts you to click login - then you are most likely experiencing this issue. ST has announced they will fix it with the next app update in November.