Mobile Presence Sensor


Still very new to webCoRE so i apologize in advance for lack of knowledge or if this has been answered before in a way.

Currently I have routine setup in smartthings to open the side of the garage of the person coming home using life360 and MyQ integrations. EX. I come home after work my side opens. The issue is when I am with the Mrs in the same car both garage doors open…

Can anyone think of a way to place a 30 second delay on the routine using “pistons” and during that delay it recognizes we are together, somehow knows what car we are in (another issue), cancels the garage that doesn’t need to be opened and opens the correct garage door?

Is something like this possible?


Hi @jal5376

It is possible to write that piston no problem there BUT presence sensors are ALMOST NEVER as percise as 20, 30 second reporting times. Your piston MOST LIKELY won’t work on time, 80% of the time.
I have garage lights that turn on with arrival, 80% of the time they don’t on the right time:))) they DO TURN ON but sometimes a minute or five after I arrive:)

About knowing the right car, you can use two motion sensors for each garage door. BUT they have to be aimed perfectly that they don’t see the other garage door.


Thanks for the info! Sounds like it may be worth sticking what i have then or chasing down another route. Its interesting too after reading threads on presence sensors its really hot or miss with life360 or the tiles or whatever people use. Life360 has seemed to be perfect for me within the last few years that i have used it.

Thanks for the reply!


You are so welcome…
Let us know if you can find a good solid workaround…
Lots of people - including myself - can benefit from fully functioning presence sensor feature…