More variable options please. (If possible)


Hi @ipaterson
Not sure if this is possible or not but it would be nice if we had all the options that are available for devices, be available for global variables.
I’m thinking along the lines of all the conditions and triggers. Is this even possible?


SmartThings tracks and makes available the past state changes for devices which allows the missing triggers to work for devices. webCoRE can track the value of a variable following a change to that variable as in the triggers shown, but the missing portion is being able to look up at any point in time the last time a variable was changed. That lookup is required for conditions like changed in the last 5 minutes, was false for less than 1 minute, etc.

This would be useful but may not be feasible due to the overhead of tracking both the previous value and last changed timestamp for every variable. As recommended by @eibyer in the original thread, your best workaround now is to create your own datetime variable to track when the target variable was last changed.


OK. No problem and thanks for the reply.
I’ll keep my virtual devices and use them.
Just trying to tidy things up. :smile:


You might want to leave this one unresolved in case someone wants to run with it and has a way to do it without the overhead concerns. I’m not familiar enough with everything to say it definitely won’t work.