Trying to write an expression. Variable changed to True in the last 10 mins



As per the title, I’m trying to incorporate in a piston -
If Variable changes to true in the last 10 minutes.
I can see that this can be done when using a device but not when you use a variable.
I’m assuming this can somehow be done using the expression field.
Not being a coder I have no idea how to do this.
Anyone out there who can give me some suggestions/guidance please.

More variable options please. (If possible)

No guidance here but just a suggestion :). What about setting up another variable that contains the time when that variable changes so you can key off of that.

If varTimeStamp < 10 minutes then perform tasks


I looked at the age(device:attribute) function, but it only works with devices.

I then looked at the same thing @eibyer just recommended and tried to use ‘on events from…’ but when you choose variable it wont populate the variable names into the dropdown, similar issue as the ones @ipaterson patched the other day.

Just setting a timestamp after the set variable command will do the trick in this case though.


variable changes
followed by within 10 minutes
some other trigger
do stuff


Thanks for your answers guys.
I already do it with a virtual device but I’m just trying to streamline all my pistons and have worked out a way using a variable (if I could do what I want with it :wink: ) which cuts a couple of statements out.
Thanks again.