MQTT as an event source


I am surprised that no results came up in search, but I feel it would make sense for WebCore Pistons to be able to subscribe to a MQTT topic and be triggered when messages appear for this topic.

With MQTT becoming more and more widespread (and tools like Node 9) and new software / devices able to post to MQTT topics, would an integration make sense?

I realize that Webcore is able today to listen to changes in Smartthings devices property changes but MQTT might open an even bigger integration opportunity. For example a Dash button could post to MQTT and Webcore would pick it up. This would be more reliable than a Dash -> IFFT webhook -> Smartthings channel which hasn’t been stable for me in the last six months.

Am I way off base? Is MQTT taboo?


Hmmm, maybe MQTT is taboo here…


Maybe more like not enough people use it?


Maybe on Smartthings but when it comes to IoT in general, MQTT is used widely. AWS IoT platform is MQTT. So is Adafruit IO at the core.


I’ve seen it discussed in the ST forum for some specific device but I myself have not really had the need to explore it. I did look it up the first time I saw your post though and I’m curious if I have things in my home that can benefit from it or if I have dumb devices that might get smarter if I use mqtt.


Any update on this? This would be a fantastic addition.


I know it is not exactly what you are asking for. But is probably your answer.


Bump for a feature request :slight_smile:

At the moment I have a Node server, listens to my MQTT broker and then the data to my webcore piston manually. Would be nice to subscribe a piston to MQTT though