New ST App Messages


I recently made the switch to using the new ST app after the presence issues and crashing of the classic ST app. I really haven’t had any problems with the new app other than the SHM mode not being set from WebCoRE. I have kept all of my home automations very simple, I could definitely see this migration being a undertaking for folks with a lot of automations. To get around SHM, I’ve just used a couple of automations in the new app.

The primary issue I’ve had is getting notifications to show up in the app messages section. I couldn’t find other posts regarding this, so wanted to see if others are having this problem. I know I’m in the minority for using the new ST app. What I’ve found is that if I’m sending a Push Notification and storing in messages, I do get the Push and also the message is stored. However, I have some pistons just post a notification to the app - I don’t need a push to all users, but like to see status in ST app. These worked in the classic ST app, but not in the new app.

Below are the 3 scenarios I’ve tried:

1 - Push Notification and store in Messages works without issue

2 - Send Notification does not send to Messages
3 - Send Notification to Contacts and store in Messages - I left contacts empty, because I don’t have any setup and don’t want a push, but thought the store in messages would force it to the app, but it does not.

This is a very minor problem for me, but any ideas?
Thanks for any help!

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If you use send push notification, it will not display a message in the new app like you would get in the Classic app (at the top of the app screen). Instead you will get a message on your mobile device. If not, you may want to ensure you have allowed messages from the app in your mobile device settings. I use iOS so I know they are displayed on it.I can’t comment on Android.

If you use push notification and store in messages, it will send he message to your mobile device and display the message in your message section (not the history section). Go to the menu (three bars in the upper left of the screen) and look for messages in the lower part of the menu.


Thanks jkp! I should’ve clarified I’m on Android. I receive the push notifications and it does store in messages with the new app. Some of the notifications I don’t need/want a push notification for. I just want the notification put into the messages section of the app. With the classic app, this worked with “send notification,” scenario 2 in my original post. I mainly use it to confirm pistons are running - modes are getting set correctly, presence is working, etc.

Thanks again!


I’ve taken some screenshots to try to better show the difference I’m trying to describe between the new ST app and classic app.

This code sends a Push notification to both apps:

Screenshot of Push notifications for both apps:

Also puts a message in the in app messages for both apps:
Classic App Screenshot - I put a green box around the message:

New App Screenshot - I put a green box around the message:

This code does not send a Push Notification, but puts a message into the ST Classic App, but NOT the New ST App:

I put the red boxes in the classic up in the screenshot above showing these messages in app. You can see in the new app screenshot, that the same messages are not present. I’d like to get these messages in the new app without sending a push notification (I don’t need my phone to notify me of the event). Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!


That’s right. There’s other topic too: WebCoRE push notifications not working (New SmartThings app)


Are you on iOS or Android? Also I believe I read something about certain locales not working, but I may be confusing that with SMS. Also make sure the app has notifications turned on. I have all notifications on in the App settings as well as the Android app settings. Push Notification works for me on Android with the new app in the US. I should probably clarify that a Push Notification to me, is an app notification that causes the phone to vibrate and show an app message in the phone notifications. I may be an odd user, because I’d like to get events put into the messages section of the new ST app, but I don’t need/want the Push Notification. For example, I don’t need a phone notification every time someone leaves the house, but I do like to check the messages in the ST app to confirm that it registered us leaving/arriving and the thermostat is set correctly.


I’m on Android. All my phones are (4).
This has nothing to do with locales and sms. That service is gone for us europeans so that’s it.

Im not sure do I understand what you are saying about push notifications. For me it sounds like we are talking about same thing and it is called push notification. Application x has something to notify to user and it vibrates/alerts and shows message in upper screen. I want my phone to alert from those pistons and those new app automations that I have set. Now I do not get push notifications from new app like I use to have with classic app-


Strange. I agree we are saying the same thing in regard to the push notification. I am getting them in the new and classic app.

This code sends a Push notification to both apps:

Screenshot of Push notifications for both apps:

Have you checked the app settings to make sure notifications are enabled for the new ST app?

WebCoRE push notifications not working (New SmartThings app)

Thanks! Solved.

New app needs “Store in messages”. It will not work if “value” is not “true”.


Hi mobiz,
Did you ever find a way of getting entries into ST Messages with actually creating an SMS or push notification.
(I totally get you want to be able look back and check your piston activity without your phone pinging messages at you all the time!)


Hi BobG, I did not. Unfortunately, I ended up turning them into push notifications.


That’s what I did and turned off notifications for ST in iOS settings!