No event pass from SmartThings to webCoRE


Since this morning 7:37, absolutely no event from any of my device are pass to webCoRE. No piston can run if they do not received event.
SmartThings Classic and the Samsung Connect app work fine, i can see the event (open/close On/Off) in the SmartThings IDE.
So the problem is really between Samsung and webCoRE
2 reboot of the SmartThings hub. No change.
I’ve install the update of webCoRE v0.3.10a.20190223 after the problem begin, no change
In SmartThings Classic, Automation, SmartApps, settings, i’ve removed one device from my webCoRE instance, save, re-add it. Edit my piston, saved it, i see that webCoRE have subscribe to the device. “Subscribing to Chambre Multi.motion…”
Did someone have an idea?


Currently everything work fine, why???
I don’t know why but at the moment it came back to a working state, i can see this event in a piston

25/02/2019, 08:08:06

+1ms ╔Received event [Domicile].execute = recovery with a delay of 126ms
+269ms ║Setting up scheduled job for Mon, Feb 25 2019 @ 5:25:20 PM EST (in 33433.216s), with 2 more jobs pending
+280ms ╚Event processed successfully (279ms)

the piston with this event is the last piston who have been execute before webCoRE stop receiving event from SmartThings.

Case close