Notice - Forum and webCoRE emails are down



Please note that our email provider (mailgun) is currently down due to excessive use which has pushed us over the rate limits (max 10k emails per day).

We have killed all the backed up emails, so hopefully emails will fire up again soon.

The biggest culprit appears to be the forum… with over 1.3 million emails sent so far!

In preparation for when emails start working again, and to prevent a re-occurrence, we have been forced to disable the daily digest emails and have limited each user to a maximum of 10 emails per day (this only applies to forum generated emails).

For webCoRE itself, we have changed the email limits to 50 per day instead of the 30 per hour it was before.

Please can you all review your forum settings / webCoRE pistons and disable all emails you don’t need.

If you are trying to register a new profile on this forum, you will not receive an activation email and therefore you won’t be able to log in… if you are stuck in this hole, please send me a PM on the ST forum, quoting the email address you registered with, and I will activate your profile manually.

Likewise, if you have forgotten your forum password, please request a reset email as usual and then send me a PM on the ST forum. Quote the email you registered with an I’ll provide you with a personalised reset link.

Hopefully things will be up and running again soon.


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