Email Notifcations


I looked around and didn’t see any recent posts - my email notifications (tied to various pistons) used to work, but they are no longer working. Email is working fine and various pistons have not changed for a year or more. I can even see (at least some) of the pistons saying the email command has been issued. Any issues with the email integration currently?


How many are your pistons sending per day? In April, new limits were imposed.


Very rarely, if at all…


For what it’s worth, the emails from our pistons plus the emails from this forum all count towards our daily limit. Any mail beyond that will not be received.


If your emails are being rate limited in the webCoRE app it will show in the logs.

Could you try sending emails to a different email account (different provider, i.e. gmail, or Hotmail, instead of your icloud address.


Thank you - I think I’m going to switch over to texting or push notifications for anything that currently uses email only.


Thanks for clarifying Robin.

Will the error be visible in the log for the piston that tried to send the email?
(or are you referring to the optional webCoRE app for Android?)


It will be in the piston logs.

The mobile app is just a wrapper for a super basic browser, with location bolted on. If you view a piston in the mobile app it is identical to what you see in a browser.