Off Topic - Connect Four


This topic is silly, and pointless, but I have been coming here for over two years, and this is the first time I ever noticed 4 in a row like this…



Uh oh… I guess I am on a winning streak, LOL


find the nearest casino LOL


I never thought I would see five in a row…


  • Bonus points for going from one extreme to the other. (first thru last icon)
  • Take away a few points since I am the most recent poster in each thread
    (but you have my word that it was not scripted)


LOL @jkp


I was just playing but then I realized folks would figure out I was cheating so I removed it :wink:

For those that missed what I posted, when viewing from a tablet, @WCmore had 8 replies in a row…


That’s what you call “stacking the deck”… LOL


I just noticed a new record from yesterday…

While technically, it is only four in a row, this is the longest contiguous run I have seen so far:


  • Bonus points for being the most recent poster in only 2 of those threads

Note: I usually reply, so I doubt I will ever get a lower percentage. (2/7 = 29%)


I feel like going thru the list of questions and just write “Hi” to every single one of them:))))))


LOL… And here I thought we were making it up as we went along… :grin:

Personally, I think there should also be bonus points for any shape that is perfectly symmetrical or mirrored. (IE: 1, 2, 3, 2, 1… or even 1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5 which is rotated)

I wouldn’t mind seeing four corners diagonal either…


PS. This is what social isolation does to the human mind… LOL


I’m curious if we’re going to end up playing Tic-tac-toe with the posts? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Maybe down or diagonal, but it is impossible to get a line across here in the forums…


Here is a nice five-in-a-row… That could have been so much more…


I know, I know… This is not a legal move…
but for some reason, this makes me happy to see, LOL


With the forum rules (one icon per line),
it is also likely the closest possible shape to a trigger, LOL … bolt

Voice heard from above…

Somebody please put this man to work… He has too much time on his hands! LOL


OK, this one is only two in a row… But for some reason, the “W” seemed significant… :grin:



It’s been a busy 2 days… Not sure if I will ever break this record…

(14 in-a-row)


I know it’s an illegal move, but I like the symmetry… :grin:



Another useless post… but the first time in three years I have ever seen this happen…

Edit: This is how my mind saw the pattern… (extrapolated)


Edit 2: Animated