Opinion: Webcore should build a Home Assistant Add On


I’ve been a longtime SmartThings and WebCore user, but have become increasingly disappointed in Samsung’s direction for the product, and the lag I was seeing in device status and trigger execution. With the very steady progress in capability in Home Assistance, and with the advent of the new Zwave-JS platform, I’ve finally made the jump to Home Assistant, and no longer have any dependencies on ST.

Everything is so much faster, and while the learning curve is more than ST, it feels like there is nothing you can imagine that isn’t possible. But ultimately, I don’t feel like a change in direction by Samsung or anyone else will put my HA efforts at risk any more.

The biggest shortcoming to Home Assistant by far is the lack of WebCore. Their internal Automation and Script system is very capable, but complex to use and hard to debug. Node-Red integration is excellent, but the visual workflow is not as convenient as WebCores rules engine.

In a perfect world, I would love to see a dockerized Add On of WebCore that could be installed in Home Assistant OS, similar to how Node Red integrates, but even as a cloud-based service any form of HA integration would be welcome, and I think would be a huge accelerant to Home Assistant adoption overall.

I know this is an enormous amount of work, and today WebCore is massively associated with ST, but while I miss its elegance and power, it wasn’t enough in the end to keep me tied to that ecosystem, and I figured I’d share my opinion in the hopes that someday I’ll be able to use it again. Thanks for listening!


I think the only way this would happen is if a developer that is on HA would take on creating a fork of webCoRE. We got lucky that @E_Sch is still actively maintaining webCoRE for Hubitat. A lot of ST users moved over their setups there and still enjoying the ease of use of creating rules with webCoRE. HE has its own rule engine that they support but it’s nice not to have to relearn something new. HE can also do node-red for those inclined to use that for making rules. Also cannot forget @ipaterson’s continued support of webCoRE’s internal workings!


For what it’s worth, I, too, hope someone will take this on! Been eying HA for quite some time…but I’m deeply in love with WebCoRE. Started with ST, moved over to HE, and will have to see if I make the leap to HA.