Order of webCoRE Operations?


I have a question about how webCoRE operates behind the scenes. Can multiple separate pistons be triggered to run roughly simultaneously by the same event? Or is there an order in which these distinct pistons are run when triggered by the same event (delaying some and executing others)?

Using the ADT hub, when the alarm is triggered, I want to do some things using a piston(s). Let’s say two actions like flickering a light on and off and then turning on a siren.

Now I might want the lights to flicker until I disarm the alarm and that could be a long time. If the code to turn on the siren is in the same piston, but is written after the flickering lights, my understanding is that the siren might never turn on.

So my thought is to create separate pistons for these. I want to know that they’ll both run when needed.


Use asynchronous on your if statements and they all run, they don’t depend on another to finish first


Thank you