Passing Parameters to a Piston


I’ve been working out how to pass parameters to a piston and came up with the following example:
This is the sending piston:

This is the receiving piston. It uses the AutoRemote add-on to Tasker to send the message to just my tablet. (SMS messages will go to anyone who has the SmartThings app installed on their device and has access to the same location.) I’m working out setting the icon and other options. If you load this piston, you’ll have to set up Global variables @ARnotifyStart and @ARnotifyEnd. The start part is your AutoRemote URL up to the first & (begins with…) The end part is just whatever follows the &title=…&text=… which would include vibration pattern etc.

Execute piston on second hub and pass arguments

By the way, the sending a message to a specific device using tasker thing is detailed in the following example: Send a notification to only ONE device without a SIM card