Phone not showing in "Available Devices" in WebCore app settings


I just got at new phone and transfered all apps and settings via “Smart Switch”,

My new phone does not show up in Available Devices in the WebCore SmartApp, so i cannot use it in WebCore pistons.

I’ve tried to log out of SmartThings, reset the app (Cache) but it does not show up. It only shows up in Samsung IDE as a “Placeholder”. I’ve tried to change it to “Mobile Presence” like my wife’s phone - which work. But no luck.

What have I done - or not done - wrong?

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When you go into Available Devices, have you perhaps only looked in Which actuators and Which sensors? Those are long since deprecated tagging capabilities (though still very handy for apps like webCoRE) which aren’t used in new integrations such as that used by mobile presence. If you go into Capability group 2 and then Which presence sensors you should find the phone there.

The IDE is built for the legacy environment where devices have a device type handler (DTH). Mobile presence in the apps has been rewritten to use a newer type of integration that doesn’t use a DTH and which the IDE has no real understanding of. So a ‘placeholder’ device type is used to give it something to work with. I am a little surprised that any devices are still using the old ‘Mobile Presence’ device type, but not that it can still work.


Thank You

That did the trick :slight_smile: I found the phone in “Capability group 2” under “Which Presence sensors”

You saved my day :slight_smile:


I got a new phone and can’t find it anywhere in the available devices to add to webcore. It’s not showing up in the “which presence sensors” section. I deleted my old phone as a device in the IDE. Actually, I have about 25 devices and only 4 of them are showing up in the “available devices to add to webcore” section.


For the presence sensor…. Did you enable get location for this phone in the ST app > Menu > settings?

For the other items not appearing in available devices… are you also looking in capability groups 1-3 to see if they appear there in the appropriate category?