Pistons only run when select "test"


Very simple piston I’ve had running for over year - very reliably. Turns off a bathroom ventilation fan switch once it’s been on for 30 minutes. I turn the switch on, timer never begins, never trips the piston. I select “test”, and immediately the piston sees the switch on and provides the countdown times in the dashboard, as it’s always done. Couple pistons similar doing this now. Any ideas ?


I had a piston that was working fine for a long time and then for some reason was not getting triggered when the sim switch would turn on. I played with it for a couple days and then, all of a sudden, it started working again. ghosts…


No, but about forty minutes ago I discovered that all my motion controlled lighting automations failed, and those rely on webCoRE pistons updating simulated motion sensors. Now everything is back working.