Pistons running 1 hour early



I live in Brazil and this year we are not going to have DST time, this is bad because 5:00am the sun outside is shining!

Some of my pistons are executing early.

Here is a picture, one of my piston to remind me to take my medicine at 09:30pm every day, and it is running at 08:30pm

I tried to pause and resume piston, edit, change time, but always show 1 hour early.

Is this a problem from Smartthings or Webcore?

Thanks for all!


The problem is Brazil scrapped DST this year, and SmartThings didn’t get the memo , LOL


So the only way is to change my pistons, because wait for Smartthings, it will take a long time… :sweat:


You might try contacting their tech support… It is likely a real easy fix, once they know about it.