Plex payload no longer posting anything



1) Give a description of the problem
For the past 2 months or so (since I signed up for Plex Pass), I’ve been using webhooks and sending them to a piston. It’s nice because when I play or resume something in Plex, I’m able to automatically control a scene from my smart home, so turn off the lights, etc.

Just today, when I was updating some of my pistons, the Plex payload started showing up empty.
[:] when I use $args with expressions
and “null” when I use the arguments selection.

Not sure what’s going on.

I tested sending a from my Raspberry Pi and all the info does come through on WebCoRE, Plex doesn’t though. :frowning:

I also did another test: I added the webhook url to post on and the content from Plex does show up, so it seems to be something with WebCoRE.

Any ideas or suggestions?

2) What is the expected behaviour?
$args or $response should output the Plex payload.

3) What is happening/not happening?
$args or $response is no longer outputting the Plex payload.

$args shows [:]
$response shows “null”

  1. Post a Green Snapshot of the piston

5) Attach logs after turning logging level to Full

1/14/2022, 7:19:44 PM +520ms
+0ms ╔Received event [My home].execute = with a delay of 34ms
+27ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 14ms > PS > 5ms > PE > 9ms > CE
+29ms ║Runtime (38012 bytes) successfully initialized in 5ms (v0.3.110.20191009) (28ms)
+30ms ║╔Execution stage started
+35ms ║║Cancelling statement #1's schedules...
+50ms ║║Executed virtual command sendPushNotification (10ms)
+52ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (21ms)
+53ms ╚Event processed successfully (52ms)


I use the plex web hook to read out the synopsis of a programme I start to play. There is an issue with some of the web hook calls, as they include an image which, I think, is sent as a multi part message. Plex can not handle this multiparty message.

If you do a search, my solution is documented on here, it involves using an app running on the PI. This is called by the plex web hook, changes the message from multiparty by removing the image, then calling the original webcore piston.

I’m not sure why this has stopped working for you, and also think the image is only included on the initial play request, rather than the resume, so it maybe a different problem


It just randomly started working again. Didn’t do or change anything.