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Hi All… @RobinWinbourne here!

Please dismiss this banner message if your profile has already been verified, otherwise click to read more

If you are using the same username on here as you do on ST, please can you confirm that you are you by sending a PM to my profile on the ST forum.

If you cannot send PM’s (Trust level 0), you can post on the following topic instead:

Thanks in advance!!

WebCoRE Community Forum Basics
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Account / Username Rules

Choosing a username

Remember that this is a family-friendly forum, so please avoid words that might be considered risqué.

Please also don’t use a domain name as a username, such as or mysitedotcom. In both cases, staff will alter the username, such as removing inappropriate words or trimming a domain name to mysite.

Don’t include “webCoRE” “CoRE” or “SmartThings” (or any variation of them) in your username. (C’mon, you’re more creative than that, right?!)

While not directly or indirectly owned, managed, or affiliated with Samsung or SmartThings, webCoRE is a smartapp which runs within the SmartThings ecosystem. Due to the symbiotic nature of webCoRE to SmartThings, and the existing user base on the SmartThings community forum, we require users who chose to maintain the same username with the SmartThings forum to directly verify the “ownership” of your username on that site.

  • User reputations that have been built on the SmartThings community, and further on various SmartThings and general Home Automation related enthusiast groups on Facebook.

  • As such, users who register on the webCoRE forum who use any components of someone’s established user profile or reputation developed in these complimentary communities for any purpose will find themselves warned once with requirement to change infracting details. (Including username, avatar, personal details, etc.)

  • Any further infraction of this nature will result in a general ban from this forum.

  • Point is, don’t mess around with people’s reputations. It will not be tolerated, and it will be strictly enforced by the moderators. This policy extends to creating usernames that are substantially similar to another user specifically to troll or trick other users. This is highly subjective and will be evaluated on a case by case basis as necessary by THIS site’s moderators.

  • To clarify, users are NOT required to maintain the same username between both forums. We don’t care if you do or do not. But usurping a username from either forum on its’ opposite forum for any purpose of impersonation will NOT be tolerated.. While we have no control over any account on the SmartThings forum, we do here. And on this site, suspension or bans may be incurred here if we deem your actions are malicious.

We only want one of you please

We only allow one account per person please. If you lose access to your account, there’s no need to create another one. Instead, try resetting your password on the login page, or contact @Robin or @Cozdabuch for help, here or on the SmartThings Community Forum.

Multiple accounts can be removed without notice.

If you are absolutely unable to sign in to either site to send us a PM, you may email [email protected]
This email address isn’t checked often, but when we see it, we will get back to you.

Changing your username

Once a username is created, users are unable to change them a direct request to @Robin or @Cozdabuch requesting this. Please send either of us a PM with your request a reason.

Closing or deleting your account

If you don’t wish to participate in the forum anymore:

  • Turn off all the e-mail notification options in your profile
  • Stop posting

We do not delete accounts, as a preventative measure to keep cross verified accounts reserved. If you’d like your username changed to something that won’t be associated with you, please contact @Robin or @Cozdabuch

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The webCoRE Username verification process has now been discontinued and there is no longer any need to request verification.

Established SmartThings users have had ample time to sign up on the webCoRE forum and I’m too busy these days to manage the process.

If any of you suspect username misuse / phishing, please use the webCoRE forum reporting tools and we will take action.

If you really really want the verified user badge, it still exists, so just send me a PM on the SmartThings forum.

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