WebCoRE Community Forum Basics


Welcome to the webCoRE Community Forums

First of all, webCoRE and the webCoRE community forums are not affiliated in any way with SmartThings, the SmartThings community, or Samsung.

Some helpful posts to read.

  1. Where can I find the rules? Click the FAQ link in the top navigation bar.

  2. Where should I post? Take a look at all of our categories and sub categories. If you still don’t know where to post, feel free to contact any Staff Members or you can tag @webCoRE_Minions in your post if you just want some feedback or guidance.

  3. How do I [do something] in Discourse? Here is a handy Discourse Cheat Sheet.

  4. What are Trust Levels? Here is an explanation of Trust Levels.

WebCoRE is a web based, highly complex and advanced community created rules engine written to function on the SmartThings platform and designed to be simple and intuitive to the end user. And the webCore community forums exist to support you, the users in getting the help you need to unlock the power of webCoRE.

As a user community containing many varied users, and distinct personalities, we have set a few forum rules. Really, we are keeping things simple and will add more clarity and definition to them should it become necessary, but so long as you say inside these wide yellow lines, things will be great for everyone!

Account / Username Rules

Please see our full username verification policy here.

General Rules

The Community’s general rules and guidelines may be found here on the FAQ page. Please click and familiarize yourself. Thank you!

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