Remove Old Fuel Streams?


Sorry if this is miscategorized. I’ve got fuel streams showing up that we’re asdocated with old pistons. The pistons are no longer around and wondering how can I get rid of the fuel streams too.


The official answer: It is not possible yet, although I have heard there are plans in the works.

I have found a loophole, and for the tech-savvy, here is what I do:

Here is a good rule of thumb that I wish I had done from the beginning:
During the testing phase, all fuel streams go into a canister at the very bottom alphabetically (such as “ZZ”). This lets you test and see the results, and when you are happy with it, simply move it to the real category. An advanced version of that is to make a few test pistons within the test canister such as:

ZZ / Test 1
ZZ / Test 2
ZZ / Test 3

Then simply point all new tests to those locations for a few days, while tweaking your code.


So are the canisters the categories? I must have done this at once because I’ve got one named category and several listed under I categorized.


Yes, webCoRE calls fuel stream categories “canisters”, and they are also not officially deletable or editable, so choose your names wisely. (or use ZZ at first like I recommend above)


Is there any updates regarding the issue?
I would like to delete same old Fuel Streams…:confused:


They are now collapsible, as mentioned here.


Just confirming that otherwise there are no updates, this is something that only @ady624 can do since it requires API changes.