Replace piston with new one from backup code


As people create some very useful pistons that others might copy, there are sometimes updates that we might want to incorporate. Most recent example is @WCmore’s Launch gauge piston. Would be great when an update is posted or for new features or correction to just be able to wholesale replace the existing version with the new one using the new backup code. Much simpler than the current method of deleting and re-creating. Perhaps after the edit or before the delete button add a ‘replace’ button? It would open up the same dialog as new piston from backup code and then replace the existing piston with the new code. Hopefully my explanation makes sense.


I think this would literally save a single click, yet be much more prone to errors being introduced.

I think i will stick with pushing pic and then pic

Please don’t take this personally, but I would much rather start with a clean slate…


I wouldn’t take it personal. Just an idea I thought I would throw out there. Your comments make sense, as usual. Would really only be simpler if it kept the same header and just replaced the code but even then it is just typing in the piston name again. Thanks.