Replaced a device now piston is not running


I replaced a device on my smartthings hub with an identical product, and gave it the same device name. Unfortunately, my pistons now fail because even tho the device name is the same, I suspect the piston is calling the former device’s unique ID.

Is there any way around this? Can I get webcore to “forget” the old device and accept the new one?

Thanks in advance


I’m pretty sure all devices in SmartThings are by ID and not name, and that applies to webCore, too. You need to open each piston that used the old device and replace it with the new device. You’ll have to do the same in any other SmartApps that used the old device.


And go into webcore settings and add the new device if you have not done so.


Thank you everyone. Although I understand that both SmartThings and webcore reference devices by ID, I’ve only ever referenced them in webcore by device name. I don’t see anywhere either in the IDE or in webcore device lists where I can reference a device by anything other than its name.

I’ve deleted the devices from the piston, then readded them but the piston still fails.

What am I missing?


Have you updated the ‘Available Devices’ in webCoRE via the SmartThings app as @eibyer advised?

When you go into the piston on webCoRE you should see the device that was replaced appear as a UUID instead of its old device name. If you don’t then webCoRE isn’t aware the device has changed. Once you do see it as a UUID, you can edit the piston and replace it with the device name which will reference the new device.


Thank you for this. I believe it was the first thing I did, but I will check one more time. I’ll let people here know one way or the other.


Ok, that was it… Sort of. I did update ‘available devices’ on the app - and in the piston it replaced the old name with the UID, but I could not just add the replaced device again. I first had to delete the old device from the piston, save it, let it run with the device gone - then I had to re-edit it adding back in the replaced device.

Somehow that cleared the UID from its cache, rather than just adding in the replaced device name again. (I’m guessing it remembered the device name and attached it to the old UID again.)

Thanks for the help everyone.