Report connected Bluetooth devices in WebCore Presence Sensor / Mobile App


Huge fan of WebCoRE, thank you for all the hard work.

I’ve started looking at the WebCoRE Presence Sensor on iOS as an alternative to using SmartThings presence. One thing that would be incredibly useful is if Pistons could tell what bluetooth accessories are attached to the phone reporting presence information.

For example, I only want to open my garage door if my presence changed to HOME and my phone is currently connected to my car via bluetooth (this way the garage door won’t open every time I come back from walking my dog).

Another example: Flash the lights in the house if something important happens and my phone is connected to my wireless headphones since I may not hear an audible alert in that case.

Taking a quick look at the IOS/Android Mobile APIs, it appears the connected bluetooth device information is readily accessible to mobile apps, so hopefully this request is possilble.

Thanks for considering!


I’m also very interested in the garage door scenario described above…


As a workaround, you can user Tasker+Sharptools to accomplish this.