Request: Visual indication in dashboard for any pistons with invalid devices


Every time I have to reset a device due to ST or zwave related issues, I have to figure out which pistons used the device. It would be nice to have a small icon visible from the dashboard where pistons are listed showing which pistons have orphaned devices.


Was just about to add this as a feature request - as I’ve had to replace a couple of Zigbee devices which do not have the neat ‘replace’ feature found in the Zwave protocol and now I’m having to check through manually each rule to identify any orphaned devices.


@ady624 - Any chance this can be added? I recently found a number of disabled pistons as the devices were orphaned because I had forgotten to update the piston after making changes to the device (swapping hardware).


I was going to add it to the Wiki, but I couldn’t see how to edit/add to this page: