Resolved: Geofencing with webCoRE on Hubitat?



I posted about this in the HE forum megathread without realizing this forum existed … apologies to anyone who’s had to endure it in multiple places :smiley:

Does webCoRE geofencing currently work with Hubitat? I took steps that seemed fair (to my uneducated mind) but could not get the iOS app to save the sensor config, it just keeps dumping me back out to the Settings page … (webCoRE installed and working correctly otherwise as far as I can tell)

WebCore Presence on Hubitat

I was steered towards the Presence Sensor driver on GitHub. I think I’m good.


Thanks for coming back to update us… :sunglasses:

Perhaps you can leave a link so others may benefit in the future?


Certainly, I installed this driver on my HE:

That allowed me to save the Presence Sensor in the iOS app.

Actually making geofencing rules seems to elude me right now, but I’m currently chalking this up to being at the wrong end of the learning curve :slight_smile:


Hi @martybird

Did you ever get the presence feature working on Hubitat, I have recently migrated to Hubitat and when trying to install the driver I get an metadata error.


Figured it out, I was trying to install it as an app in Hubitat rather than a driver. Seems the presence function is now installed!

Edit:I now just need to figure out how get the phones listed as presence sensors in Hubitat.


Hey - good to see you making progress, I think I did the exact same thing initially :blush:

iirc, once the app was installed on my phone I went into Settings for Places and was able to configure the phone there, which created the presence device in Hubitat, which I could then enable as an Available device in the webCoRE Hubitat app. Hopefully I’m not remembering it wrong, I think that’s how it went.

It works great btw. So much freedom to do whatever you want in webCoRE geofencing.


Thanks @martybird

I also managed to figure out what I needed to do there, I needed to open the webcore app, log out of the smartthings instance then log back in by providing the using the register a broswer code from hubitat.

Once I had done that it was then a case of adding home as a place and and registering the device as a presence sensor, it now shows up in Hubitat as a presence sensor, I havent tested it yet though but was working great on smartthings so suspect it will work good on hubitat too.


In my case this does not seem to show up in dashboards as a presence sensor, just an icon with a question mark. In devices it doesn’t react to any commands and it always shows away even if I force Present. Any thoughts? I thought this would act like Hubitat geofence and show present when inside the area and away when I leave.

EDIT: Never mind. It came to life over night. Everything seems to work like it should.


This is the worst geofence I have used. I have found that my Alexa and Hubitat geofence are the most reliable, they update almost instantly.
The Webcore geofence takes an hour or two to update. I have deleted this option. It sounds like it works for some people, but in my case, its a no .