Resolved: Geofencing with webCoRE on Hubitat?



I posted about this in the HE forum megathread without realizing this forum existed … apologies to anyone who’s had to endure it in multiple places :smiley:

Does webCoRE geofencing currently work with Hubitat? I took steps that seemed fair (to my uneducated mind) but could not get the iOS app to save the sensor config, it just keeps dumping me back out to the Settings page … (webCoRE installed and working correctly otherwise as far as I can tell)


I was steered towards the Presence Sensor driver on GitHub. I think I’m good.


Thanks for coming back to update us… :sunglasses:

Perhaps you can leave a link so others may benefit in the future?


Certainly, I installed this driver on my HE:

That allowed me to save the Presence Sensor in the iOS app.

Actually making geofencing rules seems to elude me right now, but I’m currently chalking this up to being at the wrong end of the learning curve :slight_smile: